Advice From the Seasoned

Last class we were able to ask a VC whatever questions we liked, and I asked, ‘Knowing what you know now, what do you wish you knew before you started.’ When he answered after great thought that he wishes he had started sooner I was interested in more answers. I enjoyed the honest answer and … Continue reading

‘How many customers could you truly win?’ said Shari addressing the market demandingly

Estimating market size is challenging with the Caution Cup because the customer market is not fully developed – success of the cup depends on the success of date rape awareness campaigns. There is a demand for faster, more discrete, automatic, and more accurate date rape drug detection technology but the size is difficult to quantify. … Continue reading

Making Coupons and Deals Work For Your Business

While scavenging the internet for viral marketing results I came across this blog. This guy is pretty interesting and writes frequently on a few topics, especially marketing and social media. In the linked article though he is talking about daily deals and how companies could lose a lot of money and risk bankruptcy if deals are … Continue reading

This Little Piggy Went to Market & This Little Piggy Went Home – An Investigation of the “First Mover” Advantage

The “first mover” advantage refers to the theoretical benefit a company experiences when being the first to launch a new product. This head start allows the company to be the technological leader in the market until substitutes are introduced. This initial monopoly can be an advantage but there are disadvantages that must be considered to … Continue reading


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