The Time Has Come

So the class has ended, halleloo!

When I signed up for this class I did not know what to expect but I had not planned on learning as much or covering as much material as we did. I enjoyed reading the case studies and assigned articles and have learned more about a company from start up to corporate, or selling, or failing. I have a completely new outlook on UTC and have a better understanding of my place in the corporation. Especially with the Goodrich merger, management changing, etc. the knowledge I have gained in this class has made me a more informed employee and has really set me up to make more of a difference in the future. I know more of the rules and I’m ready to play the game.

I think the best part of the class really came from writing the business plan. It’s really crucial to understand the most important points to an idea and the methods to evaluate planned actions. I know I learned the most about the details and that’s where the concepts really came together for me. (I also really liked the raspberry tarts at the end of class). I also really liked the VC classes, it was great to hear about their experiences and their advice.

My least favorite part of class was the financial classes, I wished there had only been one instead of two although I understood the need for both.

Overall I really enjoyed this class and can only hope I enjoy the next one as much.

One Response to “The Time Has Come”
  1. Least favorite part was the financials?! WHATTTT? Haha, just kidding… I don’t blame you, especially the first finance lecture was pretty tough. Hopefully our MBA finance and accounting classes will be a little more interesting.

    I agree with you that the best part of the class was writing the business plan. It brought everything we learned together in a big way. I actually liked doing all of the research and learning about starting our business as if it were the real thing. I think we are all armed with the beginners tools to evaluate starting our own businesses.

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