Advice From the Seasoned

Last class we were able to ask a VC whatever questions we liked, and I asked, ‘Knowing what you know now, what do you wish you knew before you started.’ When he answered after great thought that he wishes he had started sooner I was interested in more answers. I enjoyed the honest answer and I thought it was great advice. Especially since this is our first business class I think its important to know that the sooner you finish your studies, or learn more, or dedicate more time, money, and effort, into entrepreneurial ideas the better. There’s no time like the present, right?

So, I searched the internet for further advice from entrepreneurs and found this article. This article lists advice from 100 entrepreneurs and I thought it was interesting that two large issues that they talk about are financials, sales, and marketing. This made me really glad our next class was marketing because if we understand the parts of business that most entrepreneurs think are the most difficult (which I recognize will change with industry, product, environment etc.) then if we want to start our entrepreneurial endevours before we finish school then perhaps we shall be better prepared.

Once I had read some advice I found another article from the same website defining 10 new business opportunities that entrepreneurs must jump on. This made me think that if I could easily find this article there must be tons of information on the hottest new technologies and endeavors that we should be aware of to spark our design and innovation sides. It may take a lot of effort but right now I couldn’t agree more that an entrepreneur isn’t born, she’s made.


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