Making Coupons and Deals Work For Your Business

While scavenging the internet for viral marketing results I came across this blog. This guy is pretty interesting and writes frequently on a few topics, especially marketing and social media. In the linked article though he is talking about daily deals and how companies could lose a lot of money and risk bankruptcy if deals are too good. The example he posts is incredible and could definitely cause a company to fold.  I see deals like this all the time and so rarely think about what the company might be risking just to get more clients. This reminded me of an interesting marketing plan that Newbury Comics had. They use to release coupons to the public for comics they didn’t sell knowing that their competitors would accept all coupons; therefore lowering the profit of their competition. It was sneaky but pretty creative.

Anyway check out this guy’s blog, he seems a little full of himself but his posts are funny and interesting.

One Response to “Making Coupons and Deals Work For Your Business”
  1. Scott says:

    A little full of myself? I’m a lot full of myself! 🙂

    Thanks for linking to the blog!

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