As I was perusing articles about entrepreneurship I came across a lot of information about contests for business plans and elevator pitches. Most were funded by places  higher education that required a certain amount of affiliation with the school but were still quite noteworthy (MIT requires only one student be on a team of five to enter the contest and the prize is $100,000). This made me think, ‘Hey! I’m affiliated with an institution of education!’ Therefore I did a little digging and found some info on the WPI website.

1. There is a forum of talks called Venture Forum. These talks are free for WPI students and allow time for networking opportunities before the meetings.

2. There is a website that highlights all the contests held be WPI as well as other top related contests that students are encouraged to enter.

There are a lot of perks to being a WPI student that I didn’t realize and a lot of contests for business plans and ideas all over the country. There is plenty of opportunity for those willing to work for it. I haven’t fully realized that I am now a student again since I have never truly set foot on the WPI campus, but I have realized there are prospects out there for funding, publicity, and simply further educational and contacts that I have been missing. We have got to get out there! Check out everything available to us or other contacts in other grad programs. The sky is the limit as long as we’re innovative and constantly looking for improvement and opportunity 🙂

2 Responses to “Perks”
  1. wpi is a big name engineering school. i think it is good that they have contests and hopefully the winners go on to do big things. now that i am a wpi student i want the school to carry the best reputation possible. i really hope they are able to be like MIT and have the respect of both the engineering and business world.

  2. I also tend to forget that I’m a student again! I took a look at the first link that you posted and looked under “Programs and Events” and it actually has a link to “Spotlight on Entrepreneurs” where they encourage students to give a one minute elevator pitch to try to get funding / team members / resources for a new business idea! This meeting happens once a month and could be a good place for classmates to go if they’re actually interested in starting up their business-plan companies.

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